12 Best Cheap Morse Code Paddles‎

The best cheap Morse Code Paddles you can buy

Best Morse Code Paddles

Morse Code Paddles

So, you are looking for a reasonably-priced Morse Code Paddle ?
Here you are our compilation of the most  popular, and reasonably priced, morse code paddles you can find in the market.
For updated prices, refer directly to the manufacturer web site, you can find in our category of morse code keys and paddles manufacturers.

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Morse Code Paddle Makers

Link to some of the most popular Morse Code Paddle Manufacturers

Morse Code Keys and Paddle Links

In this article  you find just the most popular manufacturers, but we have many more morse code keys manufacturer links in our directory.
If you think we are missing links, add a link to our list of makers and we will review them.

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  1. I own over 40 keys and look after nearly 200 more for our club display ( ncrg.org.au ) and the Kent TP-1 is my key of choice. I also like my Begali simplex and my Palm iambic for portable use.
    But for just ease of use and comfort the kent wins hands down !
    I also passed my test 30 years ago on a Kent straight key so, perhaps I’m biased 🙂

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