5 Magnetic Loop Antenna Projects

5 Interesting Magnetic Loop antennas projects


Magnetic Loop Antennas

These antennas are called “Magnetic” because they work with the magnetic component of the electromagnetic field, in contrast to the common standard antennas that are in resonance only on the electric component.

Magnetic antennas can be very compact and are suitable for restricted spaces, does not require radials, can be placed close to the ground and can be used even indoor.

The Magnetic loop antennas usually feature a small bandwidth on their resonance frequency, but have the advantage of less harmonics.

Here we selected 5 interesting projects from our Magnetic Loop Antenna projects page

Magnetic Loop Antenna Videos

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More Magnetic Loops Projects

Our Magnetic Loop Antennas category has more than one hundred links to magnetic loops antennas. You will find either receiving small loops antennas and transmitting magnetic loop antennas projects.



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