Delta Loop Antennas for 7 MHz

7 Delta Loops for 7 MHz

Loop antennas, which delta loops are a subset, are closed-circuit antennas in which a conductor is formed in a turn, so that the ends are connected.

Delta Loop antennas features particular triangular shape with equal length sides, and characteristics that make these antennas suitable for portable and fixed use. Delta Loops are mono band antennas, that works well also in their second harmonic.

Other kind of loop antennas includes, magnetic loop, square loop, Skywire loops.

Several ham radio operators adoptĀ  delta loop wire antennas and array of delta loop antennas during their portable operations, being very easy to build and set up.

In this article we selected the best seven delta loop antenna projects for the 40 meters band chosen from our full list of 7 MHz Delta Loop Antenna dedicated page, we suggest you to visit.

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If you are looking for commercial products, you can visit the Delta Loop Antenna Manufacturers page.

Delta Loop Antennas for 7 MHz

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