AOR AR DV10 Wide-band SDR Handheld Receiver

AR-DV10 Digital Handheld Scanning Receiver



The new AR-DV10 is the wide-band SDR receiver covering 100kHz – 1300MHz and supports the ability to receive numerous digital protocols* such as C4FM, DMR, APCO 25, TETRA, dPMR, NXDN, DCR and GMSK modes. This is in addition to the conventional analog modes** of CW, SSB, AM and FM.

Thanks to its Digital Auto-Mode Feature, a received signal type is instantly recognized and the new AR-DV10 is automatically switched to the applicable Digital or Analog modes. *** Specific receive mode can be also manually set, to meet the variety of users’ preference. This feature allows for easy tuning and exploring of the frequency band without the need to determine what digital or analog format is being used. These superior features have been made possible through the simplified circuit utilizing the latest SDR digital processing technologies equipped with an Altera Cyclone IV FPGA and an Analog Blackfin DSP.


The front speaker features a 700mW loud audio output which provides clear received voice

communications even in noisy environments. The new AR-DV10 can store 2,000 memory channels, which can be divided into 40 banks of 50 memory channels each, along with various scanning options are possible. Priority Reception function permits checking for activity on priority channel frequency to listen for any signals at a preset interval time, while the receiver continues scanning, searching or monitoring; this provides a large number of applications and is particularly useful for monitoring a distress frequency while scanning or searching another frequency band. The One-touch Recording feature enables a user to record a received audio signal with a touch of the “REC” button on the front panel and audio recordings can be easily played and saved to the micro SD card as a WAV file.

Other remarkable features of the new AR-DV10 are: a 1.7 x 1.7 inch Large Full-Dot Matrix Display which clearly shows mode, user setting and menu selection; IPX5 Water Resistant Performance; Mini-USB Data Jack for PC Interface; 8.3 hour operating time with supplied high capacity Li-ion battery; multiple power sources (such as the “AA” alkaline batteries or external DC power) for convenient outdoor and portable operation; Step adjustment function (allowing the tuning step to be changed with ease); Built-in Dedicated Circuits for the AM (520kHz – 1710kHz) and FM (64MHz – 107.9999MHz) broadcast bands; and CTCSS/ DCS function to name a few.

Supplied accessories of the new AR-DV10 are: Li-ion Battery pack, AC power Adaptor; Charger Cradle; Cigarette Lighter DC/DC Adapter; AA Battery Tray; Antenna; Belt Clip; and microSD card.

*Available Modes: C4FM(V/D Mode)/ DMR(Tier 1&2)/ P25(Phase-1)/ TETRA(Direct Mode)/ dPMR(446 Mode)/ NXDN/ DCR/ GMSK – Only non-encrypted Digital Modes
**Available Modes: FM/ W-FM/ AM/ USB/ LSB/ CW
***T-DM(TETRA) cannot be detected automatically


  • Wideband reception 100kHz-1300MHz
  • Multi-mode Digital Reception (C4FM,DMR,P25,TETRA, dPMR,NXDN,DCR, GMSK)*
  • All-mode Analog Reception (FM,WFM, AM, USB, LSB, CW)
  • Automatic Detection of Digital Modes
  • Huge 2,000 Channel Memory
  • 1.7″ x 1.7″ Large full-dot matrix Display
  • Compact design, Measuring 2.56″(W) x 5.40″(H) x 1.61″(D)
  • 700 mW loud audio output
  • IPX5 Water Resistant Performance
  • 8.3 hours operating time with supplied High capacity Li-ion Battery
  • One-touch Recording
  • Mini-USB Data Jack for PC Interface
  • Available micro SD card slot for Audio recording and memory management
  • Built-in Dedicated circuit for AM/FM broadcasts
  • Step adjustment function
  • Offset Reception
  • Priority Reception
  • Selectable IF bandwidth
  • Memory scan/Bank link Feature
  • Program Search Function
  • AGC(Automatic Gain Control)
  • CTCSS/DCS function

*Supports only non-encrypted Digital Modes


AOR AR DV10 Specifications

Frequency Ranges: 100kHzAR-DV10 scanner – 1300MHz

Digital Receive Modes:

  • C4FM(V/D mode), DMR(Tier 1& Tier 2)
  • P25(Phase 1), TETRA (Direct Mode)
  • dPMR(446 Tier 1), NXDN(6.25k)
    • *Supports only non-encrypted Digital Modes

Analog Receive Modes: WFM, NFM, AM, USB, LSB,CW

Circuit Type:

  • 100kHz-1300MHz Single Superheterodyne
  • IF 47.25MHz SDR Direct sampling
  • WFM (64MHz-108MHz) SDR Direct conversion
  • AM (520kHz-1710kHz) SDR Direct conversion

MemoryChannels: 2,000

AF Audio Output: 700mW: Internal Speaker

Case Size (W x H x D): 2.56” x 5.40” x 1.61” without Knob and Antenna

Weight (Approx.): 14.8 oz with Battery and Antenna

Warranty: 3 Years

Hands on with the AOR AR-DV10

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