Best Ham Radio Log Analyzers

Contest score analysis, maps your contacts , check your DXCC status and get charts from your log statistics

Best Log Analysis tools

Recently we posted an article, featuring five among the best free windows amateur radio log book programs.

Here we list a collection of software and online services that permit you to analyze data contained in your logbook.

Post-contest log analysis software

If your log software is not able to analyze contest score, you may find these tools very useful.


General Log analysis Services

Check your logs, make DXCC statistics, get reports and cool charts with these two online services


Log Mapping tools

If want to have a detailed mapping view of your contacts you should have a look a these sites


Logs Processing

In case you need to manage a contest and then analyze hundreds of logs this tool really worth a try


Additional resources

You may be interested also in

If you find we are missing any resources, we will be pleased to add it to our resource index.
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