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If you want to make sure you can always get to where you want to the DXZone, then be sure to bookmark The DXZone or add us to your favorites. You can go back to the DXZone homepage, and then press Control-D (or Command-D) to do this with most browsers.

Alternatively, you can use one the following methods:

Netscape Users - First, go back to the DXZone homepage. You should see the following menu options at the top of your Netscape screen: File, Edit, View, Go, Bookmarks...etc. Click on Bookmarks and then click on Add Bookmark. That's it! Next time you want to get somewhere you want to DXZone, you can simply go to the Bookmarks menu and click on DXZone.com

Microsoft Internet Explorer Users - First, go back to the DXZone homepage. You should see the following menu options at the top of your screen: File, Edit, View, Favorites...etc. Click on Favorites and then click on Add To Favorites, now you should see a requester pop up. Click on the Add button near the lower right hand corner of the requester. That's it! Next time you want to get somewhere you want to the DXZone, you can simply go to the Favorites menu and click on DXZone.com

Windows Users - You can right-click on this link, and then select "Add bookmark for this link" for Netscape or "Add link to favorites" for Internet Explorer.
Lucky Apple Mac Users - You can click and hold on this link, and then select "Add bookmark for this link" for Netscape or "Add link to favorites" for Internet Explorer.

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