Top Amateur Radio links of the week Issue 1723

CSV19 Antenna Launcher project, Bluetooth and VOX Project, Introduction to RF & Wireless Communications Systems, ICOM IC-746PRO Frequency Calibration, QSO Relay, ICOM IC-756Pro Receiver Noise, FTRestore

Top Amateur Radio links of the week Issue 1722

Batteries For Portable Ham Radio Use, How to build NVIS antenna, Custom QSL Cartoons, Building a 100 Watt 2M Linear Amplifier, VHF FM Power Amplifier, 160m 20w AM transmitter , Icom IC-7700 Power Amplifier Module, Alpha Antenna, IC-7700 as a bench spectrum analyser, Kenwood TM-D710 Memory Database,

Top Amateur Radio links of the week Issue 1720

Building a CobWebb Antenna, Trapped Dipole for 15/20 Meters Bands, Homebrew spectrum analyser, MorsePower, 1 GHz RF Spectrum Analyzer, Reparing a Heathkit SB-101, Nemos Photgraphy - Morse Keys, Parallel Square Conductor Transmission Line Calculator, K7CSW - Saltlake Peaks Amateur Radio Club, Special Call Activity Plan - Amateur Radio Union of Serbia,

Top Amateur Radio links of the week Issue 1719

40m Linear-Loaded Dipole, Major World Air Route Areas Frequencies, Use Band Pass Filters to clean up Signals, Transverters-Store, The Next Sunspot Cycle, RTTY Modem for Arduino, 2.5KW VHF Power Amplifier, Analyzing 6 handheld antennas with a VNA, Yaesu G-450XL Rotator Problem, K8ZT Contesting Links

Top Amateur Radio links of the week Issue 1718

Parallel Circular Conductor Transmission Line Calculator, Shop CB Radio u ARTURSSS, SWL DQR Log, Cleveland Police Dispatch - Live Audio Feed, Repeaters in Ukraine, BVRC - Bella Vista Radio Club,

Top Amateur Radio links of the week Issue 1717

J-Pole Calculator, Digital Modes Software Review, UI-View32 & UISS easy guide, Introduction to APRS, Cavity antennas, Working ISS using APRS, Homemade microwave spectrum analyzer, ICOM ID-880H Review, DStar - Digital Smart Technologies for Amateur Radio, Cavity Backed Antenna

Top Amateur Radio links of the week Issue 1716

VHF Collinear Antenna, WX9DX Quad Antenna, Simple Frequency Counter , Stealth Ham Radio Antenna, W5GRG.NET The Finest in Used Ham Gear, Archery Antenna for 13cm, Cup Dipole Antenna for 13cm, Icom 2720H mobile transceiver Review, AD4WX, W0ALX Runestone Amateur Radio Club,

Top Amateur Radio links of the week Issue 1715

1:1 HF Balun, The W3EDP Antenna, 4 to 1 Balun, 4:1 QRO Balun, Small Panel Kits,, JT65-HF Japanese Edition, Recent, Sperimental Radio - International DX Group, Ham Call Lookup - Windows Phone

Top Amateur Radio links of the week Issue 1714

FIeld Antenna for 40m, Homebrew cavity resonator/duplexer for 2m repeater, Simple Gain Antennas for the Beginner, Trap on Coax Cable, Make Your Own Coax Patch Panel, Fixture for fast assembling VHF Antennas, 2m Yagi for SOTA, VA3TO Programmable Beacon Keyer, Delta Electronics, Accessible Digipan

Top Amateur Radio links of the week Issue 1713

Magnetic Loop Antenna for 40-20m, Rotator Comparison Table, Antenna Tuning Unit using the T-Network approach, 2 Elements Delta Loop for 14 MHz, KX2 Tips and Tweaks , The New Radio Boatanchor Parts, E51LYC North Cook Islands, TETRA Accessories, Baitron Electronics Company Limited - Electronic Components Distributor, A25UK Botswana DXPedition,



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Top Amateur Radio Websites – Issue 1804

J-Pole Antenna Plan and Calculator, Radioberry by PA3GSB, HamRacer - the unique synthesized voice keyer, ICOM IC-7610 Leaflet , Dual Band VHF UHF Yagi Antenna projects, RX Flag Antenna FO0AAA 160-10 meters, Capacity testing our batteries - How to, Ham Radio Deluxe and ICOM IC-7610 ICOM IC-7610 Manual,

5 Best DIY Fan Dipole Antenna Projects

Five best homebrew fan dipole antenna projects easy to build. The fan dipole antenna is a simple wire antenna consisting of multible monoband dipoles sharing a single coax feed line.

CQ WW WPX Contest 2018

2018 CQ World-Wide WPX Contest SSB: March 24-25, 2018 CW: May 26-27, 2018 Starts: 0000 UTC Saturday Ends: 2359 UTC Sunday

Top Amateur Radio Websites – Issue 1803

DIY CobWebb Antenna, MSHV, Duo band antenna for 80 and 20 m, Elevation Angles, 6O6O Somalia, JTDX

Yaesu FT-818ND

Yaesu FT-818ND HF VHF UHF All mode portable transceiver