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Best links of the week 10 2016

Wall Loop for 20m, Arduino SWR and Power Meter, Introduction to ICOM 7300, Hexbeam base plate, Coax Stubs and Band Pass Filters, QRP Multi-band EFHW antenna for SOTA, HF 6m 2m SSB CW transceiver , Receiving JT65 with RTL-SDR, FM broadcast bug , Resistor Colour Code

Best links of the week 9 2016

Multiband end fed antennas, Yes, all my Coax Cables are 75 Ohms, Basic Wire Antennas Part I, Homebrew dummy load , RTLSDR Coax Stub, Hexbeam 6 bands antenna, Cheap power supply for the FT-817 , GMRS FRS Frequencies and CTCSS, Understanding TV and Radio Interference, 144 Mhz Stop band TVI filters

Best links of the week 8 2016

HF2V 80 40m Vertical, Portable or Emergency VHF Antennas, All About Antennas, The Butternut HF2V antenna after three years, EAxbeam, Basic Wire Antennas Part II, Equipment for portable HF operations, A Portable Quad for 2 Meters, Icom IC-706MkIIG Operation Guide, The Buddipole Deluxe Antenna Review

Best links of the week 7 2016

About Lightning Protection, Z-Match Antenna Tuner, 3XY1T Log Online, Portable HF Antennas, Buddipole vertical on 40m, Buddipole Deluxe Review, 20 40 80 Trapped Dipole, ClubPi, A35T Log Online, ET7L Log Online,

Best links of the week 6 2016

Portable link dipole, An Easy Dual Band VHF UHF Antenna, Antenna Wire Launcher, 5 Element 2M / 70cm Yagi, BP-3 Polish WWII Spy Radio Set, Repairing a 40m Yagi, Go-Box for Emcom, The myth of SWR causing coax radiation, Icom America IC-7300 Page, Icom IC-7300

Best Links of the week 5 2016

20m 40m trapped squid pole antenna, End Fed Long Wire Antenna, Locating RF Interference at HF, 160m - 80m Transmit Vertical, Overview on some SOTA portable antennas, Getting Started with the FM Satellites, Swiss Quad Portabel, DH1PLY, JK Antennas, Making Antenna Insulators, Antenna Insulators for LF-MF

Best Links of the week 4 2016

40m 2 Element Yagi Beam, 2 Element Helical Yagi Beam for 40m, 40 Meters 3 element Wire Yagi , 3 elements Yagi For 50 MHz, Lindenblad Antenna Project, Icom IC-7851 Review, 2 Meters Lindenblad Antenna, ICOM IC-7300 English Manual, 137MHz Turnstile Antenna, Yaesu FT-991 Review,

Best links of the week 3 2016

VHF Big Wheel Antenna, Raspberry Pi Weather Station, W3EDP Antenna Notes, FT-857 display problem, HamRadioBay - Amateur Radio Market, Ultra-lightweight Morse code keyer paddle, Home Made Paddle Key and Keyer, PC-board iambic CW paddle, Arduino simple signal generator, SB-200 Sleeper Tank Mods

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