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Best links of the week 18 2016

A simple 50W RF Power Amplifier, Square open loop antenna, Clays Radio Shop Home Page, Getting a FUNcube Dongle running on Linux, ON7FU Ferrite Applications, Superheterodyne Radio Receiver, GGD Antennas, SM Elettronica, 3el Quad for 6 Meters , KJ6SJO The exploits, trials and tribulations of a new ham

Best links of week 17 2016

G5RV to ZS6BKW modification, LED Lights In The Shack , ZS6BKW vs G5RV, ZS6BKW wire antenna , Bandpass filter, Wide Band Active Loop Antenna, Safari - Inverted V antenna, Some Useful ZS6BKW Modifications, Repeater Basics/Refresher, VHF-UHF Portable Yagi-Uda Antenna

Best links of the week 16 2015

Mixed Mode Helical Antenna, Paper Clip Dipole Antenna, End fed half wave tuner, Home-brewing weather satellite receiving station, Automatic Band Decoder, A shortened 20m vertical, Tape Measure 2M Beam, 4m Transverter Project, Yaesu VX-8GR Trail Reference Card, 3 Element 12,5 Ohm Yagi for 50 MHz

Best links of the week 15 2016

40 m short vertical, First Impressions of the Icom IC-7300, Magnetic Loop Antennas, Small Loop Antenna Array for HF Reception, Phonema Speakers, A lightweight dipole for 2 m, A lightweight Yagi for 2 m, Arduino CW Terminal, Digital Rotator Controller for Arduino, RotorCraft

Best links of the week 14 2016

QRO No-Tuner Multiband Dipole, A Ground Plane Antenna for NOAA Weather Stations, 2m Quad Antenna, Serial/USB SWR Meter, Antenna Theory : Baluns, Home made High Power Magnetic Loop Antennas, Communication Speakers, A 10-6-4 three band dipole antenna, GXP Antennas, AutoCap Tuner for mag loop Antennas

Best links of the week 13 2016

High Performance 40 Meters Vertical , 40m Magnetic Loop Antenna, Discone Antenna for RTL SDR, FT4JA Online Log, Multimode Interface, Secrets Of Getting a Vertical To Work, 40m Small Loop Antenna, The European HAMNET, Small Transmitting Loop Project, ICOM RS-BA1,

Best links of the week 12 2016

High Power 4:1 Balun, The Mesh Node, IW2NDH Antenna Analyzer, HeyWhatsThat Path, Raspberry Pi Packet BBS, WLAN 802.11b/g Bi-quad antenna, HamNet DB Map, Broadband Hamnet Network, KK6ZLX, Getting Started with HSMM-Mesh

Best Links of the week 11 2016

FT857D - All Band Modification, Basic Inverted V Antenna, Radio Coverage Prediction, CW Skimmer Softrock-based SDR Array, IC-7300: If King Midas was a Ham, Build your own ADS-B Ground Station, Top Band Frequencies, 10 element Yagi WiFi Antenna, VK0EK Log Online, Audio Cables

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