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Best links of the week 46 2016

PL259 Surge Arrestor, Triband Receiving Loop for 160/80/40m, Printable Log sheet for SWL, 2m Halo Antenna, Amateur Radio Station Log Sheet in A4 Format, VHF Skeleton Slot Antenna, RF Power Meter, Keeping a Station Log Book, Amateur Radio Station Log Sheet in US Letter Format, Contest Log Sheet in A4 Format

Best links of the week 45 2016

The Cobra Antenna, Winding Inductors on Cantex 4 Inch PVC Tubing, Yet Another EFHW Matcher, Designing Vertical Aerials, CWQSO - Send and Receive on your PC, Maximum Usable Frequencies (MUF) for 3000km Radio Signal Paths, IC-7300 with Ham Radio Deluxe 5.24, Mod for Acom 1000 amplifier, LDG Z100 Autotuner, VHF UHF WebSdr in Johannesburg

Best links of the week 44 2016

The Folded Dipole, 20/40 Meter Short Coax Trap Dipole Antenna, QRM killer, XPhase QRM Eliminator, Wire antennas for ham radio, EA3GCY Radio Kits, K9KLT Power Line QRN Killer, Amateur Weather Station, Dual loop antenna system, PlasmaTV QRN Eliminator

Best links of the week 43 2016

Local-noise filter, Off-center Fed Windom Antenna with Vertical Radiator, Outdoor HF antenna Changeover Unit, XPhase - Interference reduction , Using BlueCat Bluetooth Interface for Yaesu FT 8x7, Simple Cheap MMIC Preamps, Yaesu FT-857 Jumpers, Spectrum Analysis Basics , Impedance Matching Network Designer, Coherent Receiver,

Best links of the week 42 2016

Cheap Antenna Analyzer with Arduino, 20m Half-Wave End Fed, Signal Identification Guide, 80M Grounded Half Loop, CW Decoder Logic, Top 10 Reasons to Take Ham Radio Portable, Yaesu FT 817 vs 817 ND, End Connected Windom, Electrically Small Antennas 2016, Yaesu FT-817 Review

Best links of the week 41 2016

A Field Guide to Simple HF Dipoles, HF 1 KW Home Made Amplifier, The Tower Project, Archimedean Spiral Antenna for RTLSDR, SdrDx - OSX and Windows SDR Software, Build your own QRSS transmitter, The Raspberry Pi , Grundig Satellit 3400 Service Manual, IC-718 HF transceiver review, Using a Directional Wattmeter to measure VSWR

Best links of the week 40 2016

Ground plane for 144, 222 and 440 MHz, Antenna switch controlled by Arduino Uno, RF Ammeter, Method for getting a wider TX audio transmission from the Kenwood TS-2000, Rack de comunicaciones - EB1AGG Go Box, CB Radio United Kingdom, YAESU FT 450 User Manual, Heath SB-1400, Icom IC-2300H Review, Amphenol RF,

Best links of the week 39 2016

CQmaps - Professional Maps for Amateur Radio, HamShack.Photos, Reverse Beacon Network on live graph, Ham Radio Fonts - Slash Zero and Morse, OEMSEMI-Obsolete Electronic Components Distributor, ACARS Decoder App, QRZ446, Tektronix - Signal Generator, VoxRecorder for iPhone, Dx Groupe Amateur Radio Libre,

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