DAV FCA1000 HF+50 MHz Power Amplifier

HF + 50 MHZ 1250 W RF Power Amplifier

FCA1000 Power Amplifier
Solid State Power Amplifier

FCA 1000 Solid State HF+6MT Amplifier

The FCA1000 is a new RF Power Amplifier designed for the Amateur Radio bands by DAV, an Italian electronic company.



Technical Specifications

  • Frequency coverage: All HF Bands (including WARC and 60 Meters) + 6 meters
  • Power output: : 1250W constant output power from 160 to 6 meters
    • Switchable in 4 steps (200W,500W,1000W,1250W)
  • Antennas: 3 Antenna outputs
  • Antenna Tuner: Built-in ATU matching up to 500 Ohms
  • Display and Controls:  Full colour, high resolution, touch screen display
  • Interfaces:
    • CAT interface for RTX and PC
    • PC software to set and configure the amplifier
    • ALC and Relay Interfaces can automatically detect used frequency
    • Network Interfaces: Wi-FI and LAN interface
    • PC Interfaces: Bluetooth and two USB ports
    • Built-in web server to display in a mobile device all running settings
  • Dimensions : 32x16x40cm  13x6x16 inch
  • Weight: 9 Kg – 20 lb
  • Primary power: 230VAC – 50/60Hz

The amplifier has been recently presented during the Ham Fest in Montichiari Italy, and will be distributed starting from December 2017, by the Italian radio dealer Ham Radio Shop.

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