DB1NTO APRS Transceiver

World's smallest APRS transceiver.


DB1NTO, Taner Schenker presents the world’s smallest APRS transceiver.

The APRS Transceiver, that is currently an hombrew project rather than a commercial product is based on a ATmega 328P (“Arduino”)  is as small as a matchbox (only 2 x 3 x 5.7 cm), Weights including battery and case (without antenna) is just 38 grams.

DB1NTO APRS Trasceiver includes the following components:

  • 2m transceiver (transmitter and receiver) with 0.5 / 1 Watt switchable transmission power
  • GPS receiver
  • Graphics-capable OLED display with a resolution of 128 x 64 pixels
  • 500 mAh lithium ion battery charging control
  • Micro USB port for battery charging
  • Two control keys

The following functions are currently supported by Tracker:

Menu with 9 points:

  • Device on / off
  • Volume 1-8 (NF audio for decode)
  • H transmission power (1W) / L (0.5W)
  • Reset GPS timer
  • APRS Symbol (Primary Table)
  • Disable recipients, send only positions (APRS tracker), longer battery life
  • Set SSID
  • Set callsign
  • Set Time Zone

In his web site, Taner does not publish any price or commercial information.
For latest developlments and information visit DB1NTO.de web site






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