DX Engineering logoDX Engineering recently announced the acquisition of Bencher’s antenna production that includes the Skyhawk and Skylark models, plus Butternut HF vertical antenna series.

Butternut antenna company was founded by Donald R. Newcomb, W0DN (SK) in the 1970’s when he started manufacturing a series of highly regarded antennas. W0DN held several patents in antenna design,  that permitted him to bring in the market some popular HF multiband vertical antennas.

Bencher acquired the Butternut antbutternut logoenna production line in the  1994, adding later on the Skyhawk and Skylark series, manufacturing all antennas in Antioch, Illinois, USA.

Starting from this week, new production and selling activities are now in charge to DX Engineering that will take care also of support and repair.

[quote_box_center]Now, the Skyhawk and Skylark antennas, as well as every Butternut antenna model, will be manufactured and sold exclusively by DX Engineering. DX Engineering also carries all the service, repair, and replacement parts required to keep these antennas in good operating condition.[/quote_box_center]

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