Elecraft AX1 Antenna

Portable Antenna

Elecraft AX1

AX1 by Elecraft is an ultra-portable two-band antenna system for 20 and 17 meters.

It is basically an antenna whip, ideal for use with portable transceivers such as the Elecraft KX2 and KX3 with internal antenna tuner.

AX1 is ideal for mobile pedestrian use (/PM) where the radio is used in hand-held mode.

AX1 can, however, also be used in table-top configuration thanks to a BNC elbow adapter and a special bar that prevents it from rotating. AX1 consists of a 6 cm long base unit with a diameter of 2 cm, which houses the tuning coil and an extendable stylus of only 15 cm that can extend up to 120 cm.

The base unit and the stylus are separate, thus ensuring maximum portability especially in activities outside the shack. Designed for the 20/17 meter bands, the AX1 antenna system can be used on other bands by modifying the tuning coil in the base.

The suggested power for use is around 15 watts, although it has been successfully tested up to 25 watts. The electrical performance is comparable to that of other portable antennas but no competitor offers the versatility of use that AX1 offers.

The AX1 is not intended for vehicle-mounted use or for permanent outdoor installations.

• To avoid damage to the telescoping whip, keep it collapsed when not in use.
• Always use at least one radial (included). This improves transmit signal radiation by up to 20 dB, and reduces the risk of getting an RF burn from the mic, key, or chassis at higher power levels

AX1 Specifications

Resonant Frequencies (by switch position)

AX1: ~14 MHz (20 m), ~19 MHz (17 m). AXE1: ~7.2 MHz (20 m), ~8.5 MHz (17 m).
Resonant frequencies may vary +/- 400 kHz or more due to variations in terrain, antenna height, body capacitance, and length of radial(s).

Supplied Radial Wire

AX1: 13 feet (4 m). AXE1: 33’ (10 m). Includes spade lug

Max. Power

30 Watts. For safety, use 15 W max when operating hand-held. If RFI symptoms are observed, reduce power or move antenna farther from the transceiver


Whip: 6” (15 cm) collapsed, 45” (115 cm) extended. Base and AXE1 extender: 6” (15 cm) x 0.75” (19 mm) dia.


AX1: 3.2 oz. (90 g). AXE1: 2.0 oz. (55 g).

AX1 Antenna price is 99.95 USD

AXE1 40 Meter Extender

AXE1 Extender that allows an Elecraft AX1 whip to be used on 40 and 30 meters. It adds 6 inches (15 cm) of overall length.  The AX1 with an AXE1 can be attached directly to a hand-held transceiver or  supported by an Elecraft  AXB1 whip bipod for table-top use.         

AXE1 Antenna Extender price is 49.99 USD  

Overall Features
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elecraft-ax1-antennaA small antenna for portable operations at a reasonable price. The mounting accessories are overpriced.

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