ICOM IC-7851

Featuring the same characteristics of the special anniversary IC-7850, Icom announce the new ICOM IC-7851.

Icom Co., Ltd. will launch a flagship model IC-7851 HF transceiver.

IC-7851 HF/6m Amateur Base Transceiver

The IC-7851 Base Transceiver offers the following enhanced features:

1.2kHz “Optimum” Roofing Filter
New Local Oscillator Design
Improved Phase Noise
Improved Spectrum Scope
Dual Scope Function
High Resolution Spectrum Waterfall
Enhanced Mouse Operation for the Spectrum Scope
More details to come when announced by ICOM….

The Ultimate Amateur Radio – Nothing Else Comes Close!

+40dBm ultra high intercept point
Automatic tracking pre-selector
Two completely independent receiver circuits
200W output power at full duty cycle
Ultra high frequency stability
7 inch wide colour TFT LCD
Multi function spectrum scope
RTTY/PSK31 operation without PC connection
Professional 6m receiver
Digital Voice Recorder
Auto Antenna Tuning Unit
4 Configurable Antenna Ports
CF (Compact Flash) memory card
IF notch filter with adjustable notch filter characteristics