Icom ID-51A

Icom Innovative Dual Band DStar Handheld Trasceiver


ICOM logoThe Icom ID-51A can be considered the most innovative dual band HT available in the market.

This dual band radio, covers 2 meters and 440 MHz and can receive two bands simultaneously (V/V, U/U & V/U). Like many  recent handhelds is IPX7 waterproof and features a built-in GPS!

Among the numerous features, we can highlight, the 128×104 dot-matrix display, an astounding 1304 channel alphanumeric memory system, the  Micro SD card slot for an optional memory card. (This can be used to store DVR Incoming/Outgoing Messages, GPS Log and Memory Backup.) Moreover the ID-51A offer a   built-in CTCSS/DTCS encode/decode for analog FM.  And as many other handhelds it even features an independent AM and FM broadcast receiver. The built-in Voice Memory, allow to record incoming and outgoing calls and can be used even as a voice recorder.

Icom Release a special limited edition for the 50th Anniversary offering the following enhancements

  • Faster Data transfer in DV mode
  • RS-MS1A Android™ Application (optional OPC-2350LU cable required)
  • Additional FA-S270E long center-loaded antenna for optimal receive performance
  • Additional Dplus reflector link commands
  • DV and FM repeater search functions
  • Enhanced D-PRS functions
ID-51A_50th_USA.pdf (381 downloads)

Download the official ID-51A Brochures

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Overall Features
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