New OSCAR-100 Uplink Converter MK2 by DXPatrol

QO-100 UpLink Converter MK2 by DXPatrol

QO-100 Upconverter DXPatrol

CT1FFU Antonio Matias by DXPatrol has recently released a new improved version of his Es´Hail Sat (OSCAR-100) Uplink Converter.

  • Full lockable into a internal TCXO 10 Mhz reference or a external GPSDO
  • Extreme accuracy and precision transmission frequency.
  • Local Oscillator has 4 factory pre-programmed frequencies for 4 IF usages. (see manual)
  • Easy selection by dip switch ( s1) on board. 28MHz, 144MHz, 432MHz, 1296Mhz IFs
  • Clean and stable signal.
  • Spurious emissions = < 50dB
  • 100mW output ( 20dBm )
  • Local Oscillators uses a Analog Devices AF4351 synthesizer
  • locked into 10MHz TCXO Sine Wave Oscillator Frequency Stability 0.5PPM
  • power supply 10 to 15V
  • Current consumption 300mA
  • Dimensions: 84mm/65mm Connectors SMA PLL Lock red LED indication
  • IF power input 1 to 3 W adjustable ( 6W absolute maximum)

The QO-100 Upconverter cams fully tested and assembled and prices are around 120€ .

For all updated and current prices visit DXPatrol Web Site

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