Palstar TR30A

Palstar TR30A HF Transceiver


PalstarThe Palstar TR30A is a new 100 watt transceiver optimized for Amateur Radio Band only reception using the best of legacy techniques combined with microprocessor controlled DDS and electronic switching for rock solid performance.

Optimum HF sensitivity is provided by an active mixer that does not require an RF Preamp. The active mixer has inherently strong overload performance and with no RF Preamp, the TR30A provides excellent performance for all bands, modes and signal conditions.

8 pole Collins Filters provide single-signal reception in a single conversion superheterodyne that has clarity reminiscent of direct conversion.

This single conversion, using a low phase noise LO, minimizes spurious responses, reciprocal mixing and high background noise. The TR30A’s TFT implemented analog S-meter returns the operator’s ability to see and feel the received signal strength and its characteristics. Not only is it responsive, but also factory calibrated for S9 and dB readings above and below.

The Industry’s first TFT color touch screen interface is so intuitive that a licensed operator can turn on and operate the TR30 without wading through menus or studying a tedious manual.

The TR30A has one of the industry’s best transmit IMD performance, provided by a 50 Volt RF LDMOS FET transmitter final. 100 watt PEP output with IM3 of -48 dB PEP or -42 dBc is 10 to 20 dB better than today’s popular transceivers.

Overall Features
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