Peanut D-Star App Stopped

Peanut the D-Star App Client for Android Poject announced to stop


Peanut, the free amateur radio app for android devices that allowed many users to chat in virtual rooms linked to D-STAR, has been announced to stop.

It is not clear if the project has been suspended or if it has been permanently closed.
Latest updates from Jan 3, 2019 let us suppose it’s a temporary stop. Continue reading this article to get additional informations.

Screeshot of PA7LIM Page – Jan 1st 2019


Peanaut, written for hobby and for fun, by David Grootendorst PA7LIM has always been in development status, and it has never been released.

Peanut connected

All informations about Peanut can be accessed directly from the official author website

Using Peanut

As per future reference here we include some details on this interesting project that has been recently stopped.

Peanut App for Android

After having downloaded and executed Peanut for the first time, and having granted the use of Microphone, app gave immediately access to the application.

Peanut register callTo connect the Peanut Server you needed to obtain a Code from the author itself.

Rooms available on Peanut were selectable as drop-down menu, and could be easily switched in real-time without the need to disconnect and reconnect the App client.

Peanut Room SelectionIn addition to some language rooms, Peanut allowed you to connect to some of the D-Star reflectors.

Peanut server offered also a realtime dashboard with currently logged-in and last-seen users.

Peanut on Network Radios

Peanut on a network radioPeanut runs on all Android 4.0 and higher devices and has been succesfully tested even on  Inrico TM-7 and Senhaix N60 network radios.

Peanut app has never made available on Apple iPhone or iPad devices.

We consider Peanut an innovative project, apreciated by several hundreds of ham radio operators worldwide, and we really hope this project will find appropriate resources and conditions in orderr to be restarted. Thanks to PA7LIM David for such nice experience.

Update 3rd January 2019 : New version 1.43

David just uploaded new version 1.43.

You can upgrade simply accessing the Google Play Sotre, where maybe you already have  an upgrade notification waiting for you.

This new version has some new features:

  • Name displayed along to the Call Sign
  • The possibility to hold the PTT  to talk
  • An option to select audio output
  • It will work only when APP is in foreground

David is asking everyone to upgrade to latest version, and if stable, he will probably will keep the service up.

Screenshot – David_PA7LIM – january 3 2019

“When this version runs stable, I can keep the peanut project running and work on fixes when I have time. ”

This last sentence, let us suppose that the announced stop is going to be temporary.

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