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A complete redesign of the popular RSP2

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We are pleased to announce a new member of the SDRplay family – the RSPdx

The RSPdx is a replacement for the highly successful RSP2 and RSP2pro SDR receivers, which have been extensively redesigned to provide enhanced performance with additional and improved pre-selection filters, improved intermodulation performance, the addition of a user selectable DAB notch filter and more software selectable attenuation steps . The RSPdx , when used in conjunction with SDRplay’s own SDRuno software, introduces a special HDR (High Dynamic Range) mode for reception within selected bands below 2MHz. HDR mode delivers improved intermodulation performance and fewer spurious responses for those challenging bands.

The RSP2 and RSP2pro design is over 3 years old now, and so the RSPdx has taken advantage of a lot of the learning from our work on the newer RSP1A and RSPduo designs as well as ongoing feedback from customers.

The datasheet for the RSPdx can be found here:

RSPdx Videos

These three videos give more information as follows:

This introductory Video shows the features and demonstrated the RSPdx in action over a wide range of frequencies:

This unboxing video talks some more about what you can expect to see and some of the key benefits:
Over on the Hamguides YouTube channel, Mike, KD2KOG introduces the RSPdx and looks forward to receiving feedback on ideas on where you’d like more video guides

In the coming weeks, links to more demos and articles relating the RSPdx will be added to our apps and support catalogue:

The pricing for the RSPdx will be similar to the RSP2pro (approximately $199 USD or £159 GBP excluding taxes) and the current schedule is for units to be available to buy from around 22nd November – wither direct from this website (click on purchase) or from our authorised channel partners and resellers:

About SDR Play RSPdx

The SDRplay RSPdx is a complete redesign of the popular RSP2 and RSP2pro multi-antenna receiver. It’s a wideband fullfeatured 14-bit SDR which covers the entire RF spectrum from 1kHz to 2GHz.

Combined with the power of readily available SDR receiver software (including ‘SDRuno’ supplied by SDRplay) you can monitor up to 10MHz spectrum at a time.

The RSPdx provides three software selectable antenna inputs, and an external clock input. All it needs is a computer and an antenna to provide excellent communications receiver functionality. A documented API allows developers to create new demodulators or applications around the platform.


  • Covers all frequencies from 1kHz through VLF, LF, MW, HF, VHF, UHF and L-band to 2GHz, with no gaps
  • Receive, monitor and record up to 10MHz of spectrum at a time
  • Performance below 2MHz substantially enhanced – improved dynamic range and selectivity
  • Software selectable choice of 3 antenna ports
  • Enhanced ability to cope with extremely strong signals
  • External clock input for synchronisation purposes, or connection to GPS reference clock for extra frequency accuracy
  • Excellent dynamic range for challenging reception conditions
  • Free use of windows-based SDRuno software which provides an ever-increasing feature-set
  • Strong and growing software support network
  • Calibrated S meter/ RF power and SNR measurement with SDRuno (including datalogging to .CSV file capability)
  • Documented API provided to allow demodulator or application development on multiple platforms

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