SAQ Transmission for Christmas Eve


The Alexander association will try to start the SAQ alternator on Christmas Eve, December 24, 2014. They plan to be on air with test signal about 7:40 UTC and a message will be sent at 8:00 UTC.

As usual the frequency is 17.2 kHz CW.

QSL reports can be given via e-mail to:,  via SM bureau and even directly by mail to:

Alexander – Grimeton Veteranradios Vaenner, Radiostationen, Grimeton 72, SE-432 98 Grimeton, SWEDEN


About Grimeton Radio Station 

Grimeton Radio Station was listed as a world heritage site because its original equipment is an exceptionally well-preserved example of the development of communication technology. In fact, it is still in working order. Grimeton (call sign SAQ) still transmits a message to the world twice a year: at the Alexanderson Day (Sunday at the end of June/beginning of July) and at Christmas Eve.

Read more on  Association Alexander GVV

Listening to SAQ videos


SOURCEAssociation Alexander GVV
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