WOLF HF-VHF-UHF All mode Transceiver

20W 0-750MHz All Mode Transceiver

WOLF HAM Radio transceiver

20W 0-750MHz Wolf All Mode DDC/DUC Transceiver

Wolf Transceiver is a Chinese product based on the open source DDC-DUC SDR project by UA3REO.

The RF signal is digitized by a high-speed ADC chip and fed to an FPGA processor.
It performs DDC / DUC conversion (digital frequency shift down or up the spectrum) – by analogy with a direct conversion receiver.

1. DDC/DUC technology and 0-750MHz full mode reception.
2. The most powerful FPGA! 3D spectrum and waterfall chart.
3. Large 7-inch capacitive touch screen enables multi-point touch. Support display in sunlight!
4. Built-in CW decoding and FT8 codec (no other equipment required).
5. Built-in wifi! Online radio display available after networking!
6. Built-in 16G TF card ! Multiple recordings and playback! Record and call. 5 recordings in CW mode.
7. OTA online upgrade! Or flash and upgrade via TF card.
8. Multi-scene mode selection! Fully open source software and hardware can be modified as needed.
9. Built-in USB sound card makes it convenient to connect.
10. All aluminium shell anodized.
11. With wifi, no tuner

– Receiving frequency: 0MHz-750MHz
– Transmission frequency: 0MHz-200MHz (amateur transmission) and 360Mhz-480Mhz (frequency multiplier)
– Transmit power (QRP++DB5AT version): 20W (shortwave) and 7W (VHF)
– Antenna type: Support two antennas to input
– Modulation type (TX/RX): CW, LSB, USB, AM, FM, WFM and DIGI
– Low noise amplifier (LNA)
– Adjustable attenuator: 0-31dB
– Band-pass filter
– ADC dynamic range (16-bit): ~100dB
– Supply Voltage: 13.8V (with over-voltage and reverse polarity protection)
– Receiving current: ~0.7A (3’2 QRP) and 0.9A (7′ BIG)
– Transmitting current: ~2.5A+ (QRP) and 15A+ (BIG)

Package Included:
1 x Transceiver
1 x Handheld Mh-48 Microphone
1 x Power Cable

Wolf-Transceiver is currently on sale online via AliExpress and Banggood for 880 Euros or 1,125 US Dollars.

Since this transceiver is based on an amateur radio design, currently lacking any certification, we recommend caution before purchase.

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