Xiegu G106 HF QRP SDR Transceiver

Xiegu G106 SDR HF Transceiver 5W QRP Radio SSB CW AM WFM FT8 Data Mode


Xiegu G106 is a 5W portable QRP radio with SDR circuit structure using 16bit-CODEC sampling, which can provide superior performance.

The whole device is with SSB/CW/AM three modes and extra WFM (88~108MHz) reception function, allowing you to listen to local FM broadcasts while communicating. Equipped with a CW digital filter with three bandwidths, it can help you connect to more radio stations. With the external DE-19 / CE-19 digital adapter, it can be easily connected to the computer and complete FT8 communication.

As an entry-level portable SDR transceiver, G106 will be an ideal choice for you to operate CW and FT8.

Xiegu G106 Basic features

➣ High-performance SDR core circuit
➣ Compact and solid structure
➣ Transmission and reception of all amateur frequency bands within 3.8~29.7MHz
➣ WFM broadcast reception
➣ Shortwave full-range continuous reception
➣ Amateur data communication available
➣ Computer control available

Xiegu G106 Specifications
Receiving frequency: 0.55~30MHz 88~108MHz (WFM)
Transmitting frequency:
24.89~24.99MHz 7.0~7.2MHz
Operating mode: SSB/CW/AM, WFM (receive only)
Receiving sensitivity:
CW: 0.25uV @10dB S/N
SSB: 0.5uV @10dB S/N
AM: 10uV @10dB S/N
Frequency stability:
±1.5ppm within 30min after power on
@25°C: 1ppm/hour
Transmitting power: ≥5W @13.8V DC
Transmitting spurious suppression: ≥50dB
Audio output power: 0.3W
Operating voltage: 9~15V DC
Standby current: 0.37A @Max
Transmitting current: 2.8A @Max
Dimensions: 12040135 (mm)
Weight: about 720g (only host)

The Xiegu G106 5 watt QRP transceiver with a general coverage RX 0.55-30 MHz and TX in 80-10 meter amateur radio bands + RX of broadcast radio in  88-108 MHz.

Xiegu G106 Price

Some european dealers are offering the Xiegu G106 ar around 375 Euros.
Price are subject to change, and is referred to an average of announced prices in July 2022.

Visit local ham radio shop or online amateur radio dealers for latest offers.

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