Zeus ZS-1 HF USB SDR Transceiver

The fully digital transceiver for amateur radio HF Bands

ZEUS ZS-1 SDR trasceiver

Since SSB-Electronic introduced the first compact digital receiver, the “Perseus”, a few years ago, time has not stopped. The integration of the PC or notebook into the hobby has prompted the demand for something more.

With this premise the Zeus ZS-1 was born.

After software-defined receivers have been the state of the art for several years, the ZS-1 now opens up all the possibilities of “direct sampling” known from the SDR on the transmission side. You see what you send and hear …

ZEUS ZS-1 HF USB Transceiver

The new Zeus ZS-1 is a new direct sampling SDR transceiver capable of covering all classic HF bands in transmission, including the WARC bands, with an adjustable output power of 15 watts.

In reception Zeus ZS-1 covers frequencies from 300 kHz up to 30 MHz. The high quality design and high quality bandpass filters ensure that transmission signals are absolutely free of unwanted harmonics.

A broadband spectrum display and a cascading display displayed simultaneously inform the user about activity within a given band. Zeus ZS-1 is equipped with selectable AGC, automatic notch filter and continuous variable filters for CW / SSB / AM.

Zeus ZS-1 can be easily connected to the PC via a standard USB 2.0 cable.

An integrated interface allows operation via an IP address Zeus operating software written specifically for the ZS-1, offers access to a wide range of functions including a large Tx EQ, a compressor, an integrated CW keyer that includes recored messages.

In addition to the choice between key and paddle, the CW generation can be even selected via the keyboard.

Zeus ZS-1 can be used in combination with many amateur radio programs like Ham Radio Deluxe, SDR.com and others.

A dozen good reasons to buy a ZS-1:

  1. best software defined transceiver in ARRL test
  2. particularly pure output signal through predistortion
  3. divisible interface (operation / spectrum), dual monitor suitable, very practical in combination with decoder software
  4. additional window for audio signal
  5. intuitive GUI with practical user guidance: left mouse button = function, right mouse button = configuration
  6. 1-button solution for switching all parameters between SSB operation and digital modes
  7. storable standard texts for CW operation
  8. easy integration of external control units
  9. free software updates
  10. two display modes of the S-Meter: analog or digital display
  11. instructions and customer support in German and English
  12. Made in Germany: The only fully digital transceiver that is completely manufactured in Germany.

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