One of the most common problems among new and old hams is related to space  restrictions on antenna setups.

We are thinking particularly about hams who live in apartments in towns, but also about  those who, even owning a backyard or a garden, they have neighbors who are concerned about tower installations, that may focus on possible RFI issues as part of their concerns and that decide to give up.

Indoor antennas can be a valid solution to keep operating Ham Radio, with many different solutions for the VHF UHF bands but even for the HF Bands.

Here below a selection of 7 ideas chosen among our Indoor Antenna links collection.

Magnetic Loop Antennas

Magnetic Loop antennas can be a valid solution for apartaments operations. In this case we recommend QRP operations due to RFI and safety reasons

Stealth Antennas

If you are not living in an apartament, but you have other kind of restrictions, you may be interested in hidden antennas alternatives.


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