9 Simple J Pole Antenna Projects

9 easy to build J Pole antenna projects

9 Simple J Pole Antenna projects
The J Pole
J-Pole antenna variations : Source WikiPedia
J-Pole antenna variations Source: WikiPedia

The J Pole antenna is a popular antenna design among amateur radio operators because it is effective and easy to build.

It’s basically an end-fed omnidirectional half-wave antenna, matched to the feedline by a quarter wave transmission line stub.

Invented by the Germans as Balloon Antennas, and originally named Zepp’antennas can be considered a spin-off, or a modified WINDOM for VHF and UHF.

J Pole antennas are very efficient because they operate at harmonics of the fundamental or lowest frequency for which they are cut/designed.

Variations of this antenna, are Slim Jim antenna, Super-J antenna and the Collinear J-pole antenna.

Image courtesy of WikiPedia J-Pole Antenna

J Pole antenna projects

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