YOTA 2015 – The Unofficial Video

The Youngsters On The Air - unofficial video

YOTA 2015

What’s happen when 76 young ham radio operators, coming from 22 countries of IARU Region 1, meet together for a whole week in Tuscany ! An exciting video by ES7GM, one of the youngsters.


YOTA 2015
YOTA 2015 – Group Photo in Pisa – ham-yota.com

“YOTA is a group of young radio amateurs from IARU Region 1. Most of us are under the age of 25. Each year we get together in different European countries to spend some quality time. Not only just having fun and playing games, we come up with new ideas, new projects, plans for the future, etc. During the other months of the year we gather on the bands and have some fun together, take part in contests or just make some YOTA-skeds.”

Read more about the Youngsters on the Air – Ham-Yota.com or join their Facebook group or follow them on Twitter


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