Alpin 200

HF 2 KW RF Power Amplifier


ALPIN LogoThe linear amplifier Alpin 200 is designed for all HF amateur bands from 1,8 – 29,7 Mhz.

It is equipped with pair metal – ceramic tetrode 4CX-800A (GU-74B).

The Alpin 200 contains a build in microprocessor which monitors all important parameters and show them to the LCD display. It realize also protection system, which can avoid damages.


Technical Specifications

  • Frequency coverage: All Amateur Radio Bands 1.8-29,7 MHz
  • Power output: 2000 Watts continous
  • Output Circuit: Pi-L Network with matching Capability – VSWR up to 1:3 (15-160 Ohms)
  • Output impedance: 50 Ohm unbalanced
  • Input circuit: Broadband with VSWR less than 1.3:1
  • Driving power: 60 Watts (typical)
  • Harmonics suppression: > 50dB
  • Intermodulation distortion: > 35dB
  • RF gain: 15dB
  • Primary power: 230VAC – 50/60Hz
  • Tube: Pair 4CX800A (GU74B) forced air
  • Dimensions: (W x D x H) 470mm x 415mm x 190mm
  • Weight: 40 kg



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