Multi Mode Digital Voice decoder for analog receivers


The ARD300 decodes the following digital modes.

  • APCO 25 (P25) (Phase 1 conventional)
  • NXDN (6.25kHz mode)
  • YAESU (R) (V/D mode)
  • ALINCO (R) (for EJ-47U only)
  • dPMR (dMPR446 and Tier 1 mode)

ARD300 Features

  • Versatile and powerful digital voice decoder/demodulator for your trusted analog receiver!
  • Decodes dPMR, NXDN and popular amateur digital voice mode from Icom, Alinco and Yaesu.
  • Decodes APCO P25 voice signals, used for example by U.S military and diplomatic services around the world.
  • Compatible with AOR legacy receivers AR8600MK2, AR5000(A/+3), AR-ONE and newer AR2300, AR5001D, AR6000.
  • Supports any other brand’s receiver featuring a 10.7MHz or 45.05MHz IF output!(*1)

AOR ARD300 Brochure