ARI International DX Contest 2020

Saturday May 2, 12:00z - Sunday May 3 11:59z

ARI DX 2020

The Associazione Radioamatori Italiani (A.R.I.) has the honour of inviting radio amateurs from all over the world to participate in the ARI International DX Contest. It is a world-wide competition: everybody can work everybody.

Date and time:

The contest will be held on each first full week-end of May starting at 1200Z Saturday and ending at 1159Z Sunday. In year 2020 the dates will be May 2-3.


I. Single Operator – CW – HIGH/LOW POWER
II. Single Operator – SSB – HIGH/LOW POWER
III. Single Operator – RTTY – HIGH/LOW POWER
IV. Single Operator – MIXED – HIGH/LOW POWER
VII. SWL – Single Operator – MIXED

Multi-Operator category suspended in 2020

Following the recommendation made by IARU, the Multi-Operator categories have been suspended for the 2020 ARI International DX Contest.


  1. For Single-Operator, only one signal is permitted at any time.
  2. Use of packet cluster, skimmers or any other alerting system is permitted for all entrants.
  3. Self spotting or asking other stations to spot you is not allowed.
  1. LOW POWER category entrants can use 100W maximum total output power.
  2. It is forbidden the dual-CQ on the same band.


Bands from 10m through 80m, except WARC bands, are allowed according to IARU Band Plans.


  • Italian stations will send RST and two letters to identify their province.
  • Other stations will send RST and a serial number from 001. The serial number will NOT restart from 001 on each band/mode except for the Multi-Operator Multi TX stations.


Each Italian province (110) count 1 (one) multiplier,

  • Each DXCC country (except I & IS0 & IT9) count 1 (one) multiplier.
  • The same multiplier (country/province) can be counted once and only once for each band.
  • The 110 Italian provinces (by call-area) are the following:
    •  I1: AL, AT, BI, CN, GE, IM, NO, SP, SV, TO, VB, VC.
    • IX1: AO.
    • I2: BG, BS, CO, CR, LC, LO, MB, MI, MN, PV, SO, VA.
    • I3: BL, PD, RO, TV, VE, VI, VR.
    • IN3: BZ, TN.
    • IV3: GO, PN, TS, UD.
    • I4: BO, FC, FE, MO, PC, PR, RA, RE, RN.
    • I5: AR, FI, GR, LI, LU, MS, PI, PO, PT, SI.
    • I6: AN, AP, AQ, CH, FM, MC, PE, PS (or PU), TE.
    • I7: BA, BR, BT, FG, LE, MT, TA.
    • I8: AV, BN, CB, CE, CS, CZ, IS, KR, NA, PZ, RC, SA, VV.
    • I0: FR, LT, PG, RI, RM (or ROMA), TR, VT.
    • IT9: AG, CL, CT, EN, ME, PA, RG, SR, TP.
    • IS0: CA, NU, OR SS, SU

PLEASE REMEMBER that I (Italy) IT9 (Sicily Island) and IS0 (Sardinia Island) are NOT country-multipliers.

Official Web Site

Visit the ARI DX International Contest Official Web Site

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Interested on shortwave listening and two-way communications since early 70s, spend my time listening to broadcasting stations looking for rare dx stations, as well as listening on amateur radio bands as SWLers.

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