FT4 Frequencies

FT4 Frequencies on HF VHF UHF Ham Radio Bands

FT4 Frequencies
FT4 Frequencies

The FT4 mode is the new digital mode born and thought for fast contacts such as QSOs done during contests and DX-Peditions.

Announced in April 2019 as experimental digital mode protocol for fast radio communications, and like the FT8 mode implements fixed length and structured message sequences, but with a total duration of 4.48 seconds, approximately 2.5 x faster than FT8. In contest, the speed is similar to RTTY, but FT4 permit to make contact with signals 10dB weaker then the ones needed for RTTY, with a reduced bandwidth.

FT4 can be used with the WSJT-X or JTDX software capable to run on most popular operating systems, from Windows to Linux and also MacOSx


BandFrequency (MHz)

FT4 Software

How to add FT4 frequencies to WSJT-X

If you have upgraded WSJT-X from earlier version, you may be missing the predefined FT4 frequency values in the drop down menu.
In this case you may need to reset the frequencies to the default values. Simply, go on Preferences->Frequencies right click on frequency table and click on Reset. The new frequency values will now be available.

FT4 vs FT8

FT4 is designed for contesting, particularly on the HF bands. Compared with FT8 it is 3.5 dB less sensitive and requires 1.6 times the bandwidth, but it offers the potential for twice the QSO rate. FT4 is not recommended for everyday use. FT8 Frequencies are different from the ones dedicated to FT4

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