Fake Icom Radio ?

Beware of Fake Icom Radios
ICOM Genuine Label

Icom has recently released a 3D hologram label that is placed under ICOM radios to distinguish to increasing cases of fake Icom radios circulating in the market.

Beware of Counterfeits !

Icom Radios are produced only in Japan
Icom has its own manufacturing facilities only in Japan. We have no learn factories outside Japan. (The only Icom products that might be produced outside our factories in Japan are certain accessories produced by Icom approved manufacturers.) You can rely on durable and high performance operation for a long time without having to frequently replace your radios.

Icom assure that any radio made in China is 100% a Fake.

Types of counterfeits

According to a public Icom document, there are almost three types of counterfeits

  • Copies of currently produced models
  • Copies of discontinued models
  • Non-Icom models but with an Icom logo

At time writing currently produced models with a Genuine Label attached includes only

IC-V80, IC-V80E,  IC-V80-T, IC-V82,  IC-U80, IC-2300H,  IC-2300H-T,  IC-M304,  IC-G80,  IC-80FX,  IC-U80L-

Sample Fakes

Here below some sample pictures of fake Icom radios found in the web

Icom Resources


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