FT4TA going QRT

FT4TA Tromelin 2014 DX pedition is close to QRT. Dismounting procedures are already in act.


At time writing, FT4TA is still active on some bands but gradually dismounting antennas, since the QRT prcedure operations are in progress.

The official web site report this since last Friday. :

[pull_quote_center]We will start to dismantle most of the antennas sunday because all equipment must be packed and stored in the big plastic cases for a transport. The boxes will be transported from Tromelin to France in the coming months depending of the opportunities to ship them from Tromelin. We plan to keep all stations running but not on all bands for the last night. Estimal QRT time is around 0100z monday[/pull_quote_center]

Are you in the log ?


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