ICOM AL-705 Magnetic Loop Antenna

Portable QRP Magnetic Loop Antenna


The AL-705 is a versatile new portable magnetic antenna designed and manufactured by Alpha Antenna.
As part of a special agreement with Icom, the AL-705 has become an official partner product of Icom’s revolutionary new RTX, the IC-705.

The AL-705 operates on the amateur radio bands from 10 to 40 meters.

When deployed, the maximum diameter of the antenna is just over 26.5 inches, 67.3 cms, which means it’s easy to move and mount wherever you need it. Maximum supported power is 20 watts on SSB (10 watts CW and digital).

Like any other loop antenna, the AL-705 is a very narrow band and insensitive to out-of-band signals, so it acts almost like a preselector. The antenna is completely independent of radial or ground conditions and can be installed anywhere and anytime.

The AL-705 comes with a 15 feet/4.57 metres of feedline, with BNC and PL-259 connectors.
It does compact down to 10 x 11 x 25 inches for storage in the lower compartment of the optional ICOM LC-192 backpack.

The AL-705 is available from authorized Icom dealers and current price is around 350 Euros / 270 USD.


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