Lab599 Discovery TX-500 – Compact HF/50 MHz QRP Transceiver

Rugged QRP Transceiver with unique features


Article Updated on July 2020

Lab599 Discovery TX-500 radio tailored for adventure, for extremes, for using in places unattainable before, with no sacrifice of performance or features.

Discovery is a Software Defined Radio ultra-compact transceiver with a general coverage receiver from 0.5 to 56 MHz all modes, for a total weight of 0.57 Kg (20 oz).

This QRP transceiver offers an adjustable power output from 1 to 10 W, while the receiver comes with auto-notch, noise reduction, and RX/TX EQ, and the current drain can be as low as 100 mA.

TX-500 Display

The Discovery TX-500 has a built-in fast pan-adapter, for easier search for new contacts and evaluation of band conditions wherever you are, at any time.


  • 160-6-meter ham bands
  • General ‘receive’ coverage 0.5 – 56.0 MHz
  • All modes: SSB, CW, DIG, AM, FM
  • High-performance 32-bit floating-point DSP
  • Current drain as low as 100 mA in ‘receive’ mode (backlight on, preamp off, no signal)
  • External power supply DC 9-15V, 1 to 2A typical in transmit
  • High-contrast LCD with 256 * 128 px
  • High-performance real-time panadapter (48 kHz wide)
  • On-line firmware updates
  • Tilted feet (rear), fold up for transportation
  • Ultra-compact size (H*W*D): 90 mm (3.5″) * 207 mm (8.1″) * 21 mm (0.8 “)
  • Weight: 0.55 Kg (19,4 oz)

The Lab599 Discovery covers 160-6 meters, all modes, with a maximum power output of 10 W. It comes with true desktop-radio features, like auto-notch, noise reduction, and RX/TX EQ. The transceiver has a built-in fast pan-adapter, for easier search for new contacts and evaluation of band conditions wherever you are, at any time.

In receive mode, current drain can be as low as 100 mA —a unique feature on the market. Transmit efficiency is also excellent, with improved battery life.

Unique Form Factor

The Lab599 Discovery unique form-factor allows you to operate from anywhere. The transceiver is only 30 mm thick, including knobs, weighing only 0.58kg. Fold out the tilted-feet at the rear for use on a desktop or picnic table.

The transceiver’s body is made of durable aluminum by the method of precision milling, to ensure a unique shock protection and provide good heat removal from the output part of the transmitter.

Band Pass Filters

Discovery TX-500 has 11 discrete RF bandpass filters. The RF signal is only passed through one of the band-pass filters — any out-of-range signals are rejected.


The transceiver features a built-in high-performance pan-adapter, for better search for new contacts and evaluation of band conditions — wherever you are, at any time.

Other Features

  • External power supply DC 9-14V, 1 to 2A typical in transmit
  • Internal CW keyer with 10-300 СPM range
  • Computer control via USB
  • High-contrast LCD with 128 * 64 px;
  • Firmware upgrades
  • DSP RF speech processing for excellent ‘punch’
The Case


Discovery TX-500 will become available once CE certification has been completed during fall 2020. Pre-order now to reserve one in the first delivery! Preliminary release date is September 14, 2020.

Discovery TX-500 Price

The Lab599 Discovery TX-500 price on the prerelease stage is 1059 USD, 890 Euro.

Discovery TX-500

Visit the Laboratory 599

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  1. hi
    is this radio ever come out to the market or it is just a show of?
    I dont see company email address no info at all look so good

  2. hi
    a great looking unit well made for sure however when it will be available ?
    I see there is no email address for this company who are they where they are ?
    any info
    or it is just a gimmick ?
    vy 73 ilan g0uut

  3. Has anyone found a source to purchase this rig yet?? The company website doesn’t have anything of value beyond making me want one …

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