Lab599 Discovery TX-500 – Compact HF/50 MHz QRP Transceiver

Rugged QRP Transceiver with unique features


Lab599 Discovery TX-500 radio tailored for adventure, for extremes, for using in places unattainable before, with no sacrifice of performance or features.

Discovery is a Software Defined Radio ultra-compact transceiver with a general coverage receiver from 0.5 to 56 MHz all modes, for a total weight of 0.57 Kg (20 oz).

This QRP transceiver offers an adjustable power output from 1 to 10 W, while the receiver comes with auto-notch, noise reduction, and RX/TX EQ, and the current drain can be as low as 100 mA.

TX-500 Display

The Discovery TX-500 has a built-in fast pan-adapter, for easier search for new contacts and evaluation of band conditions wherever you are, at any time.

Unique Form Factor

The Lab599 Discovery unique form-factor allows you to operate from anywhere. The transceiver is only 30 mm thick, including knobs, weighing only 0.58kg. Fold out the tilted-feet at the rear for use on a desktop or picnic table.

The transceiver’s body is made of durable aluminum by the method of precision milling, to ensure a unique shock protection and provide good heat removal from the output part of the transmitter.

Band Pass Filters

Discovery TX-500 has 11 discrete RF bandpass filters. The RF signal is only passed through one of the band-pass filters — any out-of-range signals are rejected.


The transceiver features a built-in high-performance pan-adapter, for better search for new contacts and evaluation of band conditions — wherever you are, at any time.

Other Features

  • External power supply DC 9-14V, 1 to 2A typical in transmit
  • Internal CW keyer with 10-300 СPM range
  • Computer control via USB
  • High-contrast LCD with 128 * 64 px;
  • Firmware upgrades
  • DSP RF speech processing for excellent ‘punch’
The Case

Price and availability

According to manufacturer availability and prices of the Lab599 Discovery TX-500 will be annouced in Autumn 2019

Discovery TX-500

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