The WOLFWAVE Advanced Audio Processor offers a huge range of facilities to improve radio reception in difficult and noisy situations. The latest firmware release for this innovative product adds new functionality for SSB and CW users as well as those with hearing difficulties.

Binaural Mode

The new binaural mode goes well beyond the simple “binaural” implementations in many transceivers (which is generally just a delay or phase shift) to deliver a truly immersive “sound field” for the CW operator. Using an artificial head model, different tones appear to come from different directions, giving a whole new way for signals to be differentiated. Three separate modes are available to experiment with, each being fully adjustable.

SSB users had requested notch filtering for interference such as ADSL carriers. SOTABEAM has implemented 10 notches with bandwidths as low at 100 Hz and very sharp edges.

Wolfwaves Spectrum Display

The notches are shown on the WOLFWAVES spectrum display making them easy to adjust for optimum performance.

Users with age-related hearing loss are already catered for with a sophisticated system that just requires them to enter their age and sex to benefit from a median hearing loss correction.

New with this firmware release is a left/right balance facility to help people with asymmetric hearing loss.

The new firmware is available for all users to download at: www.wolfwave.co.uk/firmware


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