MetroVNA Antenna Analyzer

Modern antenna analyzer designed for amateur radio.


MetroVNA Antenna Analyzer

Modern antenna analyzer designed for amateur radio by IZ7LDG

The MetroVna Pro is a commercial Vector Network Analyzer enables the user to perform measurements of antennas, filters, cables and much more independent from a location. The frequency range of the MetroVna Pro starts at 1 MHz and goes up to 180 MHz, covering most major amateur radio bands from 160 to 2m (VHF). The backlit colour display is easy to read for all measurements and serves as an input device as well, because of the touch function.

The softkeys on the display change according to the setting and mode and offer a clear and easy to understand handling of the device. In addition to the display keys a row of conventional keys placed on the solid metal case are available as well.

MetroVNA allows you to measure all the parameters of an antenna as SWR, R, X, Z,Phase,RL,TL and produce graphics on the color display, or PC, tablet, smartphone.

MetroVNA is a powerful and simple test equipment to use both outdoors and in the laboratory.

Allows measurements both in transmission and in reflection mode, and has a complete multi platform software capable to run under  Windows, Linux, MacOSX and even Android.

MetroVNA has many useful features including an easy menu for quick measurements and graphs and a menu to control basic parameters.

MetroVNA Antenna Analyzer Features

  • Fast USB interface
  • Instrument is run by a powerful 32-bit microprocessor.
  • Designed for use in amateur radio
  • Many functions can be easily activated from the menu.
  • Over 10 internal menus upgradeable by firmware.
  • Include internal Li-ion rechargeable battery.
  • Full touch screen display.

Technical Features MetroVna Pro Touch 180 MHz

  •  Coverage 1/180 MHz 160/2mt
  •  Measure R,Z,X (no sign),SWR,TL,|Phase|,ReturnLoss
  •  Exit DUT -6dBm su 50ohm
  •  Max signal imput –70/+5dBm
  •  Accuracy +-2dB
  •  Operating voltage 3.3V
  •  Dimensions 125mm x 95mm x 20mm
  •  Weight 200gr

Functional characteristics

  •  Display TFT 3.1” 16 K color touch screen
  •  Ten Menu + four service menu
  •  Internal Rechargeable Battery LI-ion 5000mAh
  •  Battery charging circuit
  •  Interface USB / Wireless technology
  •  updating Firmware USB
  •  compatible with IG/VNA, VNA/J , BluVNA and more
  •  Compatible with Tablet,Smarthphone Android

Official MetroVNA Web Site

Current Price: 330 Euro

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