New IC-7300 Videos

New Icom IC-7300 Videos

ICOM IC 7300 Video

ICOM IC-7300 Videos

ICOM Japan recently published on YouTube three videos showing the excellent performances real-time spectrum scope of the IC-7300.

Videos are demonstrating spectrum scope’s excellent resolution, sweep speed, dynamic range, and how quickly check global band conditions, how to find a  free frequency and how it’s possible to quickly access to the desired signal tapping the screen.

These videos has been produces by ICOM Inc Japan, pleaese find additional information and videos on our Icom IC-7300 page

ICOM IC-7300

Dynamic Range and Sweep Speed of the ICOM IC 7300

ICOM IC-7300

Listening to CW signals with the ICOM IC-7300

ICOM IC-7300

Check global band conditions, and find a free frequency and select signal tapping the screen.



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