New FT8 Frequencies with WSJ-X 2.2.0-Rc2

New FT8 Frequencies

With the new WSJT-X version 2.2.0-rc2, now available for downloading from the WSJT-X website the WSJT-X development team has also published additional FT8 “overflow” frequencies:

Increasing FT8 usage on the popular bands 40, 30, and 20m means that
the default 3 kHz sub-bands are often wall-to-wall with signals.
Overcrowding encourages some to turn on their amplifiers, which only
makes things worse.  We are trying to coordinate the suggested
frequencies in WSJT-X with updated band plans being considered by
IARU, ARRL, and other amateur radio societies.

On a trial basis, and in response to numerous suggestions from around
the world, we have added a second set of suggested dial frequencies
for FT8 on three HF bands and also on 6 meters. The new suggested dial
frequencies are 7.071, 10.133, 14.071, and 50.310 MHz.  These
frequencies will appear in your drop-down band-selector list after you
go to the "Settings | Frequencies" tab, right-click on the frequency
table, and select "Reset".  Alternatively, you can add the new FT8
frequencies manually.

When the conventional FT8 sub-band on 6, 20, 30, or 40 m seems too
full, please try moving your dial frequency down 3 kHz!  Be aware that
as currently implemented, WSJT-X will set your dial to the lowest
frequency for the selected mode and band, when you switch bands.

We’ve updated our list of FT8 Frequencies page accordingly.

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Simone Mannini IW5EDI
Simone Mannini IW5EDI is an Amateur Radio Operator licensed since 1996. He become interested in shortwave radio listening when he was very young, and soon he got into two-way radio communications and ham radio. IT system engineer, Simone is a regular DXZone contributor, he enjoys promoting amateur radio on the internet and among youngs, he enjoys playing with antenna home brewing and DXing.


  1. On 6 metres when the band is open to Europe/Africa/South America from North America the QRM is horrendous on both sides on 50.313. The alternate DX ONLY frequency of 50.323 has been sitting out there for 2 years now and people seem to be slowly “getting” the idea but really, we need some massive changes to allow people to work DX without interference from those on their continent working single hope local stuff…. adoption of FT4 is very slow on 50 Mhz as well… but on the plus side many new DXCC and some very long haul DX has been worked with FT8, thanks to the WSJT-X team. Solving the user issues is another problem…

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