OF9X Official Santa Claus HQ

December 10 – December 28

Source : OF9X QRZ.com page

Season’s Greetings from Santa’s broadcasting arm, OF9X  (Old Father Nine Xmas)

As in so many years in the past, the OF9X station will beam the message of Christmas and help Santa Claus, OH9SCL start his journey to bring Yuletide cheer to children worldwide. This is actually the 30th anniversary of OH9SCL appearing from the Arctic Circle and getting our  children and ourselves tuned to the spirit of Christmas on radio waves.

This year the activity is organized by the Radio Club of Artic Circle, OH9AB and the Radio Club of Pusula, OH9W and supported by Radio Arcala, OH8X.


The station OF9X will be active from December 10-28, 2015 on all bands, including 472 kHz.

The elves at OH9SCL are:

Rami, OH3BHL; Ynsky, OH9KL; Kimmo, OH9MDV and Juha, OH9MM

QSL OH9SCL via OH9AB   http://www.oh9ab.com/oh9scl

Those dozen radio elves at OF9X are:

Jyri, OH2KM; Niko, OH2GEK; Pertti, OH2BEE; Arto, OH2KW; Pauli, OH5BQ; Pekka, OH2TA; Era, OH2CV;  Rami, OH2BCI; Martti, OH2BH; Veijo, OH6KN; Kim, OH6KZP and the  Possibly Arttu, OH2FB, a junior elf of 12 years, will also have a crack at running a pileup and would like to make SSB QSOs during the Christmas weekend.

QSL OF9X through Club Log at OF9X / QRZ.com or via OH2BH




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