OMEGA+ Portable Radio

Compact and portable amateur radio transceiver for HF, 4m+6m bands, delivered as a Kit

OMEGA+ Radio
OMEGA+ Radio

The Omega+ radio is an interesting compact portable transceiver by the Omega-Radio Group, designed by SQ7BFS Lukasz and SP7NJ Pawel, software is by SQ7NUW Peter.

Transceivers comes in 3 models:

  • 1 band – basic (up to 30 MHz)
  • 2 bands (50 / 70 MHz)
  • 10 bands (160/80/60/40/30/20/17/15/12/10m)

Its compact design, the small dimensions, just 120x40x180mm (4.7 x 1.5 x 7 inch) and the weight of aprox. 700g (1.5 Pound) make the OMEGA+ Radio an ideal transceiver for QRP SOTA and general portable operations, but can also be considered a valid companion radio on every ham radio shack.

The Omega+ is provided as a semi-assembled kit. All main circuits are already assembled, and to the customer is asked just to execute some simple and easy connections. An online assembly manual is provided at omega+ web site

Receiver can cover continuously from 100 KHz till 72 MHz while transmission is limited to all HF ham radio bands inclunding WARC.

Receiver sensivity is rated at 0.16 µV while maxium power output up to 10W with a maximun power consumption of 1.6A

Omega+ radio is currently available via and is sold at a price around 290 Euro (310 USD) for the HF 10 bands version.

OMEGA+ Image Gallery

Pictures Courtesy of SQ5RTK Michał

OMEGA+ leaflet distributed at Ham Radio Friedrichshaffen 2019

The Omega+ additional specifications:

  • Antenna Connector: SO-239
  • Power Supply: 11 – 14V DC
  • Power Consumption:
    • TX Max Power 1.6A,
    • RX: 0.26A
  • Temp Range: -10°C + 50°C (14°F to 122°F)
  • AF Output power (13.8V): 0,7W with an 8 Ohm load
  • Output LPF
    • One LPF 30MHz (HF 10 bands version)
    • One LPF 75MHz (VHF 6/4m version)
  • Supplied accessories:
    • Hand Microphone
    • DC Power Cable

TX Frequencies:

  • 1.800-2.000
  • 3.500-3.800
  • 5.100-5.500
  • 7.000-7.200
  • 10.100-10.150
  • 14.000-14.350
  • 18.068-18.168
  • 21.000-21.450
  • 24.890-24.990
  • 28.000-30.000
  • 50.000-52.000
  • 70.000-72.000

OMEGA+ Options:

  • Desktop mounting Bracket
  • SSB Narrow 10-pole filter
  • Mic. Compressor Unit
  • DIGI Interface

Rear Panel Extenal connections

  • ANT connector for the HF/50MHz/70MHz antenna
  • KEY external key or paddle for CW operation
  • 13,8V to connect a regulated 13,8V DC power source
  • EXT-SP external speaker
  • MIC – Microphone connector or digi mode cable

Some OMEGA+ Videos

Testint the OMEGA+ on 80 meters band

testing the OMEGA+ on 80 Meter Band
OMEGA+ 50 MHz 70 MHz Version running in 6m Contest

Omega+ Radio Links

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