SunSDR-MB1 SDR with classic radio control design


    SunSDRMB1_1Expert Electronics LLC will soon present their new SDR transceiver with a classic amateur radio control design.

    Current specifications include:

    Software: ExpertSDR2 (own software)
    Direct conversion in RX/TX mode, in HF/VHF bands
    Frequency range 0-80MHz, 80-160MHz
    Wide band spectrum panadapter up to 80MHz
    Two independent receivers
    Full duplix mode (in the future – software defined).
    High dynamic range of receiver: up to 119-120dB in the HF, and up to 114dB in the VHF.
    Output power, nominal: 125W(HF), 30W(VHF)
    IMD3 DR of transmitter: about 30-40 dB
    Reference 10 MHz input
    Very small CW delay: 10ms
    ADC sample rate: 160MHz
    ADC resolution: 16 bit
    SFDR receiver: 78-82 dB
    DUC sample rate: 360MHz
    DUC resolution: 14 bit
    High perfomance 24 bit Audio Codec on board
    Connect to PC: LAN/WLAN(Ethernet/WiFi 802.11 g/n)
    Power supply: 12-15V 1A(RX)/5A(TX)/ 220V 1.5-2 A.
    Size: 370x160x270mm
    Weight: 10 Kg



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