A Compact HF 6m 2m SDR Transceiver with a modern design

Sun SDR 2 DX transceiver


SunSDR2 DX is a direct sampling 100 watt SDR transceiver developed for the serious DX’er and contest operator.
The SunSDR2 DX transceiver based on the well-known SunSDR2 PRO transceiver with several hardware improvements.
Like its predecessor, the SunSDR2 DX covers all HF bands plus 50 MHz and 144 MHz VHF bands with a general coverage receiver. It combines high performance and 100 watt transmit power on HF Bands in a compact size with a LAN interface for maximum flexibility.
Remote control over DSL or mobile 3G or 4G connections provide a full SDR experience using the Expert Remote System.

Hardware improvements in comparison to SunSDR2 PRO:

  • Improved supply system, which leads to less heating and less power consumption
  • HPF for VHF (100 MHz) to eliminate strong out-of-band stations coming from HF
  • LPF for HF (70 MHz) to eliminate strong out-of-band stations coming from VHF
  • New VHF LNA chip – PGA103+
  • New high-performance built-in stereo audio codec 24 bit with 114 dB dynamic range
  • Sturdy DIP-type ExtCtrl connector
  • New connectors: external tuner control, external fan control, GND
  • Improved PCB topology

SUNSDR2 DX Price is around 2390  Euro /  2856 USD


Expert Electronics

SunSDR2 DX Specifications

General coverage receiver

0.09 to 65MHz and 95 to 148MHz

Frequency coverage, HF Tx

All amateur bands

Frequency coverage, VHF Tx

6m, 2m

Sensitivity μV


Maximum Tx power HF

100 W

Maximum Tx power VHF

6m 50 W

2m 8 W

Blocking dynamic rage, HF


Blocking dynamic range, VHF


ADC clock frequency/ resolution


DAC clock frequency/resolution


Power supply

12 to 16 volts, 15V recommended at 5A


190 x 170 x 80 mm


1.8 kg

SunSDR2 dx Brochure

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SunSDR2 Pictures

The Expert Electronics SunSDR2 DX Front Panel
The Expert Electronics SunSDR2 DX Rear panel

SunSDR2 DX Video

SOURCEExpert Electronics
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