5 Top DX Bulletins

5 top DX bulletins to get the latest dx news


[dropcap type=”2″]O[/dropcap]ne of the most popular and  fascinating aspects of amateur radio that attract many old and new ham radio operators since ever, is certainly working DX.Eat Sleep DX - Life is simple Chasing DX on daily basis, require ham radio operators to have a constant attention on the information, and ability to concentrate available resources to particular events, whose information circulates among the ham radio community in several ways.

The most effective way to keep informed is to read DX Bulletins.

Many of these bulletins, edited by organizations or individuals,  are online since the early internet-days and can be easily received via email in a simple text format.

We want share with you those that we consider the most valuable DX Bulletins on the net.

History of DX Bulletins

ARRL The DX Bulletin
ARRL The DX Bulletin

Before the Internet era, packet-cluster bulletins and announces, were the preferred ways to get the most up-to-date news. Common paper DX Newsletters, published on weekly or monthly basis primarily by DX Clubs, where however easier to read and much more diffused.

With the diffusion of Internet, and the development of web 2.0 tools, many things  changed but, the classic DX News bulletin, still remain as a source of valuable information and are used by DX Peditioners to announce operations worldwide.

Plain text email distribution, still persist as the main media, even if some PDF formats editions are present, but the common monospaced-font style bulletin is commonly considered the most effective way to publish dx news.

Chasing DX in the Internet era

Among the Bulletins, the internet nowadays offer other media and tools like RSS Feeds, tweets, social networks and blogs, like DX-World.net and DXCoffee.com which we know you are familiar with; however this will be a topic for a future article.

More DX Newsletter links

We have many more links to DX Newsletters web sites, that worth a visit.
And if you believe we might change or add something to this article your can write us, or if you want to suggest a new site  for our DX Newsletter Category, just submit your link.


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