7 Magnetic Loop Antennas for 7 MHz

A selection of 7 magnetic loop antenna projects for the 40 meters band, antenna calculators and small loop antenna videos

Magnetic Loop Antenna for 7 MHz

We already presented in a previous articles Seven Delta Loops antennas for 7 MHz, and even 7 MHz Yagi antennas

Here we have reviewed 7 small loop antenna for the 40 meters band.

Loop Antenna Design

loop antenna design

“Small Loop antennas also known as Magnetic loop antennas are radio antenna made in a loop shape, and behaves electrically as a coil with a small radiation resistance. These antennas are very small if compared to the full wavelength. Often used as receiving aerials can be used as transmitting antennas

Small Loop Antennas for 7 MHz

Magnetic Loop Antenna Calculator

A selections of some free magnetic loop antenna calculators programs

7 MHz Magnetic loop antenna videos

A Youtube playlist collection of videos of small loop antennas for the 40 meters band taken from our Youtube Channel

40 meter Magmetic Loop

Magnetic Loop Antenna Links on DXZone.com

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