ApacheLabs Andromeda

ANDROMEDA 100W HF & 6M SDR Transceiver


ApacheLabs Andromeda is the result of a project realized by a young and innovative team of expert electronic and computer designers that has given birth to Andromeda, an innovative 100 watts HF + 6 m SSB, CW, FM, RTTY, AM and digital modes transceiver with top performances.

Andromeda integrates all the typical elements of an SDR, a software-defined HF radio: PC, display, DSP and RF are all integrated in a single unit for true stand-alone operation.

The front panel is fully integrated with THETIS software and offers state-of-the-art DSP with “conventional radio” usability.

The front panel features a VFO with high-resolution encoders, six dual encoders for a wide range of settings, and twenty-nine buttons. All encoders and buttons are programmable allowing the user to reassign them to other functions from a menu within THETIS.

Andromeda features a giant 7″ touchscreen display. A set of configurable “softkey” buttons at the bottom of the screen can be used to perform most of the user settings needed to use THETIS; other commands are accessible through configuration menus.

Also in the advanced stages of design is an ATU that will be provided as an add-on.

The Andromeda features an Intel i7 CPU running Windows 10, 8GB of RAM and 128GB SSD, three USB 3.0 ports, 100/1000 Ethernet port, HDMI port. Measuring 35x13x30 cm and weighing 6 kg, the Andromeda runs on 13.8 V

ApacheLabs disclosed that the delivery date for the first orders is estimated to be December 2020, January 2021.

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