Introducing IC-905 first VHF/UHF/SHF Transceiver

Icom IC-905 VHF/UHF/SHF Transceiver Announced at Tokyo Hamfair 2022


During the 2022 Tokyo Ham Fair, Icom announced the new ICOM IC 905 2m, 70cm, 23cm, 13cm, 6cm, 3cm transceiver in the same form factor and case of the IC-705, with outdoor unit for the higher bands starting from 13cm.

The Icom IC-905 is the first transceiver in the industry to cover 144 MHz, 430 MHz, 1200 MHz, 2400 MHz, 5600 MHz and 10 GHz in SSB CW AM FM RTTY, Dstar, DVDD and ATV Compatible.

Output power on 144,430,1200MHz will be 10W, 2400,5600 MHz 2W while on 10 GHz will be 0.5W.

The IC-905 transceiver consists of a controller and an external RF unit. The controller has the same appearance and operation as the popular IC-705, but the entire RF technology is placed in its own case (RF unit), which is designed to be attached externally to the mast, very close to the antennas preventing RF losses over long coaxial cables.

The controller and the RF unit are connected via a weather-proof Ethernet cable. Through this cable not only the control is transmitted, but also the power supply, via PoE “Power over Ethernet,” a well-known and widespread standard in network technology for powering remote network devices. The supply voltage for PoE is 48 V, therefore power losses on the cable are minimized.

The HF unit is weatherproof (IPX 5) and has all transmission and reception technologies for the 2m, 70cm, 23cm, 13cm and 6cm bands. In addition, a GPS receiver is integrated to stabilize the frequency of the integrated OCXO. This ensures outstanding accuracy and stability even on the high bands. Transmit power on 2m, 70cm and 23cm is 10 watts each; a common antenna connector (N socket) is available for these three bands. On 2400 and 5600 MHz the transmitter offers power of 2 watts each; a separate antenna connector (SMA socket) for each band is present. The 10 GHz can be used via the optional CX-10G HF unit. This weatherproof box, is attached directly to the mast near the antenna. The CX-10G is meant to be connected to the HF unit via a control cable, and the GPSDO reference clock is also transmitted to this unit. The transmission power at 10 GHz is 500 mW.

Official video by ICOM


The separate configuration with the controller and RF module mounted directly under the antenna

IC-905 Key Features:

144-5600 MHz / 10 GHz coverage with all modes. The 10 GHz requires an optional transverter.

The LAN cable connection between the controller and the RF module significantly reduces power loss

PoE (Power over Ethernet) technology improves the location of the RF module installation

ATV (Amateur TV) in the analog FM mode

The optional CX-10G Transverter (top) and the RF Module
  • Output power is 10 W on 144 / 430 / 1200 MHz, 2 W on 2400 / 5600 MHz and 0.5 W on 10 GHz
  • 4.3 inch large color LCD touch displayA high-performance real-time spectrum scope and waterfall display
  • The real-time spectrum scope can be adjusted for various band spansEasy digital mode settings
  • SD card slot
  • High-performance GPS antenna supplied
  • GPS 1 pps signal frequency management
  • Full D-STAR functions (DV/DD Mode)ATV (Amateur TV) in the FM Mode
  • USB connection for PC and mobile
  • CX-10G, 10 GHz Transverter, available as an optional item
ATV TX/RX Example



Controller and RF Module connected via Ethernet LAN cable
CX-10G and RF Module Setup

The IC-905 is an all mode transceiver with 144–5600 MHz coverage plus a 10 GHz transverter option. The IC-905 was designed with ICOM’s technology, spirit of challenge, and playful mind and shows you a new world in the SHF band.

Source: ICOM IC-905 Pre release information leaflet and Internet media

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  1. Perfect. Been looking for such a transceiver to use on a communications program I’m engaged in. Covering all the bans above 440 MHz will allow one to test new satellite programs for ham radio efforts. Look forward to seeing the availability of he IC-905. Do you have a ROM of when it will go on sale? Will tee be a waiting list for the product?

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