Kenwood TS-990S

Kenwood HF+50MHz 200W Flagship Base Station


KenwoodThe Kenwood TS-990S featuring a dual receiver that covers the whole HF ham bands and 6 meters and a dual TFT display.

TS-990S features narrow-band roofing filters on the main receiver in a full down-conversion configuration. It achieves the highest basic reception performance of any radio in the Kenwood TS series, through the careful selection of circuits, components and accelerating analysis using triple DSP configuration.

RF power is adjustable from 2 to 200 watts. This radio features also a built-in automatic antenna tuner and built in AC power supply. It has a serial port, USB ports and Ethernet port.

Kenwood TS-990S Main key features:

  • Down conversion employed for all Amateur Radio bands (main receiver)
  • Newly developed mixer contributes to IP3 +40dBm performance (main receiver)
  • New narrow-band high-IP roofing filters help to remove adjacent interference (main receiver)
  • Sub receiver down conversion2 on Amateur bands below 21MHz
  • Dedicated triple DSPs for main & sub receivers plus band scope
  • Dual TFT display offers excellent visibility

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