Lockdown Morse

Learn Morse Code while in lockdown

Lockdown Morse
Lockdown Morse

Lockdown Morse is a YouTube videos series, launched on 13th April 2020 by Matt M0PTO, that will guide you through the path of learning the Morse code.

Matt kept the project at the back of his mind until just recently, with the Covid-19 situation, he realized other people might value the chance to learn Morse while in lockdown – hence the name, Lockdown Morse.

About the course

The course is unique, in that it teaches the least commonly used (and sometimes considered harder) letters first, so that the learner gets maximum exposure to those letters. In the very first video the author covers the basics of how Morse characters are formed, and then move on to learning the letters E, O, A and I.
Second lesson starts immediately with U, Y and Z that is quite different from common methods that prefer starting with shorter digits. Third lesson introduces Q, J and X.

Transmission speed is quite high compared to other similar courses online, as confirmation of the uniqueness of this method, that goes straight to the goal of training on associating sounds to letters.

In just a couple of weeks the Lockdown Morse have had over 1k subscribers and over 7.5k views and the comments so far have been really positive.

Support Lockdown Morse

To support Lockdown Morse on Patreon (for £2 a month) AND to access additional videos, MP3s and PDF downloads

Please visit: https://www.patreon.com/lockdownmorse

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Simone Mannini IW5EDI is an Amateur Radio Operator licensed since 1996. He become interested in shortwave radio listening when he was very young, and soon he got into two-way radio communications and ham radio. IT system engineer, Simone is a regular DXZone contributor, he enjoys promoting amateur radio on the internet and among youngs, he enjoys playing with antenna home brewing and DXing.


  1. I am doing Matt’s course at the moment.
    I love this voice and the way he puts things across.
    I think I’ll still use other methods as well but I’m finding the letters are really sticking because of the way he repeats them and the way he knows where people might be getting stuck.

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