SSTV from ISS this week-end

This Week-end more SSTV from ISS


More SSTV from ISS this week-end

This week-end, the Russian team aboard the ISS, will transmit again SSTV images.

Repeating the last 18th December transmission, also this time the images will be a tribute to Yuri Gagarin.

Operations will start on Saturday, January 31 at 10.00 UTC and on Sunday February 1 at 09.00 UTC will end at 21.30 UTC each day.

The SSTV mode will be as usual PD180 (640×480) on 145.800 MHz FM with an interval of 3 minutes between images.

How to receive ISS SSTV?

To receive SSTV Images from ISS you need to tune on 145.800 FM mode, the signal from ISS, that is using a Kenwood D710 transceiver located in the Russian Service Module, should be very strong and even a small vertical antenna will allow you to listen to ISS transmission.

To know when ISS will pass above your location, you can download any Satellite Tracking software, or if you are connected to the internet, you may also use online services like ISS Astroviewer and  ISS Tracker.

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